Legal Malpractice Tips

By: Pauline Go

If you want to sue your doctors, it is important that you find a lawyer who has appropriate experience in malpractice law. Winning medical malpractice case is not an easy task. Your lawyer must have good knowledge and experience in malpractice law.

How can you tell that your medical malpractice lawyer is good? A lot of people pick their lawyers, because their lawyers are friendly. A friendly lawyer is not always a good lawyer. When you choose your lawyer, you should ask a lot of question. If he/she can not answer your question right away, he/she probably is not good enough for you. You should research the lawyer’s background. You want to know how many cases he has actually won.

You should expect your lawyer to ask you about your medical history. When you talk to your medical malpractice lawyer, you should prepare to give a timeline of your medical events. You should be able to talk about your previous medical records from previous doctors, and you should know about your drug allergies.

The medical malpractice lawyer must prove four things to win the case.

• Duty was owed: The doctor had an obligation to care of the patient.

• Dereliction of Duty: The doctor failed to act in the best interest of the patient.

• Breach caused an injury: This lack of act has adverse ramifications on the patient.

• Damages occurred: The patient suffered a loss which could be either physical, mental or both
If your lawyer can prove these points, you can easily win your lawsuit.

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